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The Pale:
Diary of the dead

Below are the first few chapters from my debut novel. I'm currently working on chapter 16 and will hopefully finish the rest some time this century.

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Reviews and critical commentary

The following are samples of the feedback I've received for the novel so far. If you have comments you'd like to share, feel free to contact me.

"This is skilled, tantalising world-building that keeps us 'hungry' and engaged."
- M.A Dissertation Marker
"You avoid cliche, and even somewhat subvert the patriarchal nature/norms of the Hero's Journey model."
- M.A Dissertation Marker
"Your novel offers something fresh and original to the genre."
- M.A Dissertation Marker
"You demonstrate a secure command of pace, plot, and structure, and I was compelled to read on and find out what happened next."
- M.A Dissertation Marker
The Pale: Diary of the dead
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