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More Story Starters

Seeds to be planted

Marble Surface

The deep and absolute darkness of the cloudless night was the perfect cover for Andy's mission. There was a lot at stake and every minuscule advantage would be essential if this plan was going to succeed.

Riley gazed out into the vastness of the universe and wondered how things had gotten so messed up.

     "But this can't be how things end..."

     However, the rapidly increasing pool of blood —seeping from Riley and hydrating the cracked desert floor — seemed to indicate that things may very well be coming to a close.

The leaves gently trickled down — covering the grass in a blanket of death and decay. I knew this was nothing unusual but I couldn't escape the memories this growing pile of detritus triggered.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Sometimes all it takes to get a great story started is one unforgettable image.

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